How to Remove Avkiller.Trojan

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We store a lot of personal data on our computers which could put us on jeopardy if somebody or a program can infect our computers and extract the data that are stored there.  Most effective malware that are designed to infiltrate, infest, and extract software is the Trojan horse or most commonly called Trojan. Name after the wooden horse that was supposed to be a victory gift by the Greeks to the people of Troy which instead became their doom, computer Trojan horses also work the same way. They disable your computer’s security features to make it accessible for data theft.

The Avkiller.Trojan is one of the most sophisticated Trojan horses ever written also one of the most widely spread.  This was first detected on December 31, 2001 and still is infecting some systems up to this day.  This malware is written in the Delphi language, packed in UPX.  Other names for this Trojan are Trojan.Win32.OptixKill and Win32/OptixKiller. Its main function is to terminate the main processes of antivirus and firewall products which leaves your system undefended in turn makes it difficult to remove Avkiller.Trojan.  If your system gets infected with this, the first thing that you notice is that your install anti-malware programs are not present on the taskbar and you’ll also notice that your computer is running slow.

When this piece of malicious software hits your computer it is most recommended that you disconnect from the internet for it to stop extracting data and wipe your hard drive clean and install a fresh copy of windows. If you are not in the mood to wipe all your data out, there is a another way to remove Avkiller.Trojan. First you have to boot your system to safe mode with networking and then download the program RKill. Once you have executed Rkill, it will kill all malicious programs running temporarily. The next step is to download and run Malwarebytes then do a full system scan. After the scan is done, you need to reboot to safe mode and do a full scan on your antivirus.  To totally will the presence of the Trojan you must delete the “MSWindows C:\windows\spool16.exe”  value of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run” on the Windows registry then restart your computer.  These steps make sure that you remove Avkiller.Trojan and will also help you remove other malicious software in the process.

There are a lot of people who would use their talents in coding to extract information from other people and use it for their own gains. There are laws protecting us from these kinds of people but these are not enough to protect us from more attacks. What we need is to invest more on cyber security and make sure we equip ourselves with the knowledge on how to stay from malicious software.

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