Backup Windows 10 Registry Files

It is always a good idea to backup your Windows Registry file as you cannot predict the uncertain windows crashes. Backing up Windows Registry also is necessary, especially when you are planning to modify the registry so that you have the option to restore the default registry in case of any wrong. As Windows 10 is now on board, we will discuss the necessary steps to backup your Windows 10 Registry files.

You can backup Windows 10 Registry in two simple ways: exporting all the registry keys in a single file using ‘Export’ feature of the built in Registry Editor and the other one is to use a third party software to backup your Windows Registry.

If you can follow some simple steps, then the first option is for you.

First of all, you must be logged on as an administrator of your computer to do the necessary steps. Most of the people mistake as they try to work with registry keys without logging on as an administrator. I think you will not make the same mistake!

1. Open the Run Command by pressing (Win + R). Type ‘regedit’ and press the Enter to open the Registry Editor. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, provide the confirmation.

2. Navigate to the Registry key or subkey you want to backup.


3. Now click the File menu and then Export (File > Export)


4. In the pop up window, select the location of your backed up file and then type a name for the file.
5. Click Save

Now you have successfully backed up your Windows 10 Registry file. You can use this backup file to prevent any uncertain data loss when your PC crashes.

In the second option, you can download a Windows Registry backup tool and professionally back up the Registry file.

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